The first in a series of sessions I directed, shot and cut for Secret Company - a band I’ve started doing a lot of content work with. They’re good guys, a great band and there own tunes are even bigger so have a gander!

An interview I shot and cut for Vitamin Water with Jessie J last month featuring good friend Samuel Bradley as an extra / photographer, some fake natural light and one of the first uses of my new Rode SmartLav Lavalier mic.

The first of two covers I shot in the studio the other week with Ollie Marland. 

Here’s a couple of adverts I’ve produced and cut in the last few weeks. Above one for the colossal Union J tour at the end of the year and here one for a new pop festival in Birmingham called Fusion Festival.

Getting adverts cleared for TV is such a hassle, but I’d like to make some more!

Shooting for Sony Xperia today, carted deidos and kino flo across the centre of London to find myself with a huge room full of natural light.

Relying on natural light when it’s patchy is annoyingly unreliable.

Here’s another Union J piece that’s recently gone online, episode 4 from a challenge series I produced for them.

I hate the opening title, but I’m not an After Effects Pro and ran out of time with a deadline so made a short roll influenced by Wild Boyz & Arctic Monkeys and for continuities sake it had to stick.

I’ve been working a lot this year with X Factor spawned boy band Union J on their content plan for online via the people at Sony. So far I think I’ve directed, produced and/or edited 16+ pieces for them. Including an ongoing 6 part challenge series, a load of behind the scenes and some acoustic performances.

Above is the documentation of two very cold days spent in Nottingham back in March on the guys first video shoot. Lots more to come from them.

I worked with Jessie J again this week directing and cutting an acoustic performance of her new track Wild up in Watford. The first 64 seconds of it are online now.

In the studio with Ollie Marland this afternoon shooting some covers.

Jessie J launched the start of her new campaign last night. I shot her in the studio with producer Claude Kelly on the last day of recording the album last week.

Studios are often lit awfully and so plain looking, so I used my favourite non-colour colours to grade, black and white.

A reportage piece I shot for Benga before Christmas last year. 

A video I made for an old family friend back in at the beginning of March.

Shooting another session with Secret Company today, this time in my bedroom!